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Exclusive Portfolio Management

Now a little more about my background and qualifications, which by the way is often researched surprisingly little by investors.

 Money Investment Strategies

  • I have held the CFA charter for over 15 years
  • I have an MBA and over twenty years of experience managing funds ranging from 100k to over a billion dollars in one account.
  • The CFA charter is a 3 year post graduate program and can be referenced on the CFA site at

Financial Planning That Fits Your Needs and Your Budget!

Welcome to a brand new revolutionary concept in delivering investment/ financial planning and counseling. My name is Mark Del Pezzo, CFA and I have over twenty years of experience in managing funds for banks, trust departments and brokerage firms. I have firsthand knowledge of how the process really works and where you "the client" fit into the process. Trust me, at times it is not a pretty picture! The idea of launching this service is one I have thought about for a long time and am now in a position to initiate the idea full speed ahead. First, a brief background on how the process works for an investor today.

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The individual investor today is typically "prospected" by a broker or trust officer and informed over a sales campaign on how great the firm is in managing funds and taking care of customers. The process usually entails a courtship phase, where you can imagine your account being extremely important to the firm – invites to golf outings, football games, exquisite dinners, etc. Believe me, your account is important - it is just not for the reasons you suspect. It is important to the firm’s long run growth and profitability. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of advisors, trust departments and brokers that take care of their customers and deserve to be compensated, but unfortunately this is an increasing minority of firms. For proof, just look at active fund management’s dismal performance over time – active management has seriously lagged a passive approach for a long time and you the investor are paying big fees the whole time!

My offering to investors is to seek an unbiased, professional opinion and ongoing consultation from a seasoned, credentialed professional, that has no incentive to sell you products or services. Naturally, that is my site and service offering; but other hourly fee based advisors are out there. If you are already at a firm that is managing your funds, this could be a second opinion or a review of what is currently being done with your portfolio. This conversation will primarily take place through this site, but can include individual phone calls and/ or in person meetings.

The Offering

Our typical review will include the following:

  • An initial consultation where we will discuss your individual goals and objectives, risk tolerance levels i.e. ability for you to withstand market downturns and some practical approaches to how you might achieve your objectives.
  • Following on that discussion, I will stay in contact with you as much as you want, and naturally can pay for on a monthly basis as an ongoing subscriber which you can cancel at any time or an initial one time consultation
  • For a limited time I am offering the first half hour free!
Money Investment Solutions

Due to regulations, I have to keep my advice somewhat general in nature, but it will be specific enough to your situation to make a significant difference in your financial life!

Here is how the process works:

  1. You can pay by the hour at a rate of $125 per hour, with the first half hour free as part of the special introductory promotion!
  2. Option two is a monthly subscription approach, which includes one hour each month for a low rate of $100 per month, with the first month free as part of the special introductory offer!

Since investment management and financial planning is a long term process, I am confident many of you will select this option.

There it is - very simple, fully disclosed and at an economical rate and on special terms in this time limited introductory roll out!

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