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Frequently Asked Questions

Wall Street and your moneyNow why would an investor choose to do this when they are not paying out of pocket for current offerings?

Whether investors know it or not and most do not have any idea of all the fees they are paying! The option I am offering is by far a much less expensive one than the typical brokerage or trust department offering. Not to mention, I am offering an objective review and consultation with no bias to my firm’s products or services. This is worth its weight in gold! The typical brokerage , trust department or investment advisor has fees all in on average of well over 1% of assets under custody or management, and that is not including what the actual active managers are charging, which is usually another 1%!

On a 500k portfolio, that adds up to around $10,000 per year in fees, while my offering would be $1,200 per year in fees, if the monthly subscription model is selected. Fees aside, the quality and objectivity of the review process and recommendations is much more important than any fee savings.

  1. Another great thing about this approach
  2. it is no obligation other than the month you have already paid for
  3. you are in control and can cancel at any time.
  4. In addition, I am so confident you will be pleased, that I will refund back your initial (first month) fee if you are not pleased!

Just try this approach and register over the site and I look forward to working with you and helping you in your financial future!